Should I invest?

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Investing makes sense for most. There are a few reasons/situations when you shouldn’t.

Why should I invest?

When you just keep your money as cash on your bank account or simply at home, you will only have as much as you've saved. Over time, your money will also lose its worth because of inflation. 

All in all, you might want to invest in order to get something expensive, retire with a better pension, prepare for a rainy day 🌧  and become more financially independent. 

When is investing not a good idea for me?

Investing, they kind you'll do with Selma, is a something you should continue for many years to come. It might not be the best choice for you, if:

  1. You know already that you will need money soon (in less than 3 years)
  2. Your investment money is part of your cash buffer and losing it would become a problem. 
  3. You don't want to risk losing any money. Investing always comes with some risk.

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