Pillar 3a: ID documents

🔐 While opening your pillar 3a account at Selma online, you will be asked to verify your identity. For that, you need to upload copies of one of these documents:

  1. Valid Swiss passport
  2. Valid foreign passport
  3. Swiss identity card
  4. Swiss foreigners' identity card
    in credit card format, categories B, C or L
  5. Swiss driver's license
    issued by a cantonal road traffic authority
Please note that foreigners' residence permit paper ID ("Ausländerausweis in Papierform") is not accepted.

How to upload and sign?

Please sign pillar 3a contracts with the same signature that you have on the ID documents you provided. 🖋


Upload scans or photos in PNG, JPEG or PDF format of:

  • the front hard cover of your passport
  • the photo and name page of your passport

ID card / driver license

Upload scans or photos in PNG, JPEG or PDF format of

  • the front of your ID
  • the back of your ID

Tips for a speedy account opening 💡

Make sure that your ID document copies

  • are taken in a bright light
  • show all your ID details clearly

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