How can I open my pillar 3a account?

Updated by Laurène

Opening a pillar 3a account at Selma only takes a couple of minutes – and works completely online.
  1. Start by chatting with our friendly digital financial assistant Selma. During the chat Selma gets to know you and understands your whole financial life.
  2. Now the investor profile and the plan for your personal investments and the pillar 3a get set up! You can still decide if you like to open a pillar 3a account, an investment account or both with Selma.
  3. Fill in the account opening forms
  4. Choose between investment account and pillar 3a, to get your recommended pillar 3a plan.
  5. Check Selma's recommendation and confirm your choice.
  6. Upload your ID and sign the pension agreement.

All done! 🎉⛵️

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