New Selma fee starting 01.01.2021

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  • NEW: Combining your investments gets you a lower price 🥳
  • Service fee decreases as you invest more
  • Product prices and stamp duty billed separately

New Selma fee levels

From 01.01.2021



Under 50'000

50'000 – 150'000

Over 150'000

Selma fee

Per year

0.68 %



The amount includes your deposits & your earnings. The fee will be applied on the whole amount, once you cross the threshold.

The Selma fee is based on the money you add to your investment account, pillar 3a investments or both combined.

Selma fee until 31.12.2020

0.68% per year / investment sum not taken into account

Minimum deposits stay the same

  • First investments – 2'000 CHF
  • First pillar 3a deposit – 500 CHF
  • Monthly / occasional top-up – 100 CHF

Note the yearly maximum for the pension investing.

What's included in the Selma fee?

As always, the monthly service fee covers everything Selma does to handle your investments.

What is not included in the Selma fee?

  • Product fees, av. ~0.22% per year
    This is the cost of the products that Selma picks for you.
  • Stamp duty
    This is the typical cost that comes with selling and buying products.

Is the new Selma service fee a good deal?


  • Selma is the first digital wealth manager which lets you combine and top-up investments and pillar 3a to lower the fees 😎
  • Your Selma service stays the same
  • Enjoy Selma's no kickbacks and no hidden fees policy

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