Selma fee & price update on 01.01.2021

  • NEW: Combining investments & pillar 3a pays off πŸ₯³
  • Selma fee decreases as you invest more
  • Stamp duty no longer reimbursed

New Selma service fee levels

From 01.01.2021



Under 50'000

50'000 – 150'000

Over 150'000

Selma fee

Per year

0.68 %



The amount includes your deposits and your earnings. The fee will always be applied to the full amount, once you cross a threshold.

Selma fee until 31.12.2020: 0.68% per year

Service stays the same

Deposit more to pay less

The monthly Selma service fee is based on the money you add to or from your investment account, pillar 3a investments or both. The value of your investments, which might go up and down as the markets move, does not affect the fee.

This means that you can now combine and top-up investments and pillar 3a to lower the fees further. 🍿

What is not included?

  • Product prices are embedded in product prices, like before – av. 0.22% per year
  • Stamp duty will no longer be reimbursed

Stamp duty

The Swiss stamp duty is a typical investment cost, between 0.075% and 0.15% per transaction. It is charged when you buy or sell investments (or when someone does it for you) on the stock market.

Selma will no longer reimburse the Swiss stamp tax starting from 01.01.2021. The majority of stamp duty has already been covered for you as an existing Selma client – it was paid during the setup of your plan to purchase the initial products.

Existing clients who are waiting for reimbursements due to delays will still receive them also after 01.01.2021. Read more.

Is the new fee a good deal?


  • When building up wealth over time, lower fees on higher amounts have a big impact 😎
  • Your Selma service stays the same
  • Selma is the first digital wealth manager where combining and top-upping investments and pillar 3a lowers the fees

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