What does Selma cost?

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Find out what fee applies to your planned investment amount on pricing page.

Amount at Selma

in CHF

Selma service fee

per year

Under 50'000


50'000 – 150'000


Over 150'000


The amount used for calculating your fee tier includes deposits and earnings. It is calculated by combining both, the money on your pillar 3a and on your investment account.

The fee is directly deducted from the respective account.

What’s included in the Selma fee?

  •  All trading & bank costs
  • Secure bank account(s) 🔐
  • Add or take out money at any time
  • Swiss tax statement
  • Pillar 3a payment confirmation
  • Your custom investment plan
  • Your recommended pillar 3a plan


  • Monitors the markets and your investments 24/7
  • Adjusts investments to the changes in your financial life
  • Automatically detects under- and overpriced markets
  • Offers expert crew support 👋

Selma has a 100%-No-Kickback-Policy, meaning we are always acting in your best interest. 

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