Transaction terminology

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Here is a short explanation what the words in the transaction list mean:


Selma bought an investment for you.


Selma sold an investment for you.


This is what we bought or sold.


There can be fees involved in buying and selling the investment. Since this is included in your Selma fee, we will pay these fees back to you.

Cash Dividend

This investment has paid out part of its profits to you. Often that is the sum of the dividends (paid out profits) or interest that the companies in the fund have generated.


This amount has been added to your account. It can be money that you transferred to your account or fees that Selma paid back.


Money that you moved away from your Selma account.

Custody Fee

Costs for “storing” your investments. This cost is included in your Selma fee and will be paid back semi-annually. 


Tax on fees (e.g. on the custody fee). VAT on fees that are included in your Selma fee (such as custody fee) will also be paid back to you.

Stamp Duty

This is a tax that needs to be paid when buying and selling investments on a stock exchange and living in Switzerland. 


Fixing a payment that was made earlier. The correction number shows which exact payment is being revised.


A bonus payment you received due using a referral or promo code, or because a friend used your invite and started investing with Selma as well. If the amount is 2.83 CHF, it means that you will receive this bonus for 12 months – 34 CHF in total.

Withholding tax

The withholding tax is a tax levied at the source by the federal government on the income from movable capital assets (in particular on interest and dividends) and amounts to 35%. In general,  this amount will be refunded to you through your tax declaration.


This is the bonus you received based on a promo code you added.


Interest charged when your cash is temporarily negative. This will be reimbursed by Selma on a yearly basis.

Reimbursement for negative interest

Reimbursement of the interest charged if your cash was temporarily negative.

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