Quick Start Guide

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You’ve signed up and are a bit clueless where to go from here? Follow these tips in order to make the most out of Selma and explore the service.

4 quick ways to explore Selma

  1. Set up Two-Factor authentification (2FA)
    When investing you deal with your real money, and you should take every measure available to keep your money safe. Once you start investing, you will automatically open an account with Selma’s custodian bank Saxo Bank (Switzerland) Ltd., making sure an established bank is handling all transactions and keeping an eye on your money. 🏦

  2. Check the simulations
    Under “Plans” you will find handy simulations that help in getting a feeling for the market and give examples about how your individually chosen investments would have done in the last years. In case you’re not happy with the return, reach out and talk about the risk level with us.
    Everything we do is based on data! 📈

  3. Get acquainted with your investment plan(et)
    The products you see are ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds) and are adjusted to your life and the current market situation. Selma uses ETFs in order to invest globally and spread risk across hundreds of stocks and bonds.
    By clicking on the “Advanced View”, you an dig into the exact details of the products. 🤓

  4. Find out what Selma costs
    You will always know what you pay for with Selma! Check out the service fee, as it depends on your investment amount! 👍

And now? What’s next?

Well, in case you've got everything - open your investment bank account and get started with investing!

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