How to add my referral or bonus code?

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Promo and referral codes can only be activated before money arrives on your account.

You got a special code from your friend, through a campaign or because of a gift card? Lovely, it's great to hear that you're planning to start investing with Selma.

Where do I add my code?

When you open your account, you come across a page asking you how much you plan to invest. On this page you can also see your estimated price & have the opportunity to add your promo code.

How much do you plan to invest page

I forgot to add the promo code when opening my account!

Understandable, that happens! Simply reach out to the Selma crew via live chat or via and let them know which code to add!

Please make sure to wait with the deposit of your money before the code is added to your account. We can not guarantee offering the bonus if you have already started investing! đŸ¤“

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