How can I move my 3a to Selma?

Updated by Carina Wetzlhütter

Four easy steps for you, then Selma takes over.
  1. Sign up for Selma and open a pillar 3a account
  2. Download the pre-filled 3a transfer document during account opening or fill in the PDF by hand: 3a transfer document
  3. Add your current pillar 3a information, print and sign the document.
  4. Send the form to Selma to the email address Please note we do not need the pension agreement which is mentioned on the form, only the transfer form is sufficient.

That’s it on your side! 👌

From here, Selma & VZ are allowed to take over and initiate the transfer with your current provider on your behalf.

Depending on your current contract, this can take up to 1,5 months.

You will get an email & notification once the transfer has arrived at your Selma account.

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