Investment preference: Sustainability

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The investment preference is like a filter that you can turn on and off. Your choice tells Selma which investments to leave out, avoid or to add to your investment mix. You can fine-tune these preferences with in your Selma account. If you haven't started investing yet, tweaking the investment preference will reset your virtual plan's tracking.

Change sustainability preference

At the moment, Selma offers one investment preference – Sustainability. To turn sustainable investing on or off:

  1. Log in to your virtual Selma web app account
  2. Navigate to "Plan"
  3. Scroll down to "Investment preferences" banner
  4. ...and turn the sustainable investing "on" (or back "off") 👍

The products in your investment strategy (your Plan) are updated automatically, and ready for your investment with Selma.

If you are already investing your money with Selma and would like to switch your investment preference, please be aware of possible indirect costs.

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