How does Selma calculate the running fees

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In this FAQ article you will learn how Selma calculates and charges the fee for your investment account as well as your pillar 3a account.

In general, your Selma fee is based on the value of your investments with Selma. The more you invest with Selma, the lower the %-fee will be. You can find out more about Selma's fees here

Selma investment account

For the Selma investment account, the fee is charged monthly and will be deducted automatically from your Selma investment account. The fee is calculated based on the average value of your investments in the previous month.

Example: The average value of your investments during January is 10’000 CHF. At the beginning of February, Selma charges a fee of 5.67 CHF (= 10’000 × 0.68% / 12).

Pillar 3a account

In your pillar 3a, the fee is charged once a quarter, so every 3 months. It will be deducted from your 3a account in April (for Q1), in July (for Q2), in October (for Q3) and in January (for Q4). The fee is calculated by taking the average value of your investments during the previous 3 months.

Example: The average value of your pillar 3a from January to March is 10’000 CHF. At the beginning of April, Selma charges a fee of 17 CHF (= 10’000 x 0,68% / 4).

Clients with a lower pricing tier

For clients that have a lower pricing tier in pillar 3a, the fee is still calculated with 0.68% but Selma will reimburse the difference at the beginning of the following year. In your investment account the lower fee applies immediately.

Do I pay the Selma fee on my returns?

The Selma fee is always based on the current value of the account (which is the sum of your deposits + returns). So yes, in case your investments grow through returns, this increases the base for the Selma fee. Also, should your investments go down due to losses, the Selma fee base is also reduced and you pay less in fees.

Example: You deposited 10’000 CHF into your investment account. Over time, your investments grow by 2’000 CHF. The base for calculating your Selma fee is now 12’000 CHF (Selma fee amounts to 6.80 CHF a month).

You can find more details about your fee under “Subscription”. And of course all Selma fee payments are visible in your transaction list.

Example with growing/declining investment


Your investments at Selma


Your Selma fee 

in %

Fee per month 

in CHF

Your start with a 10'000 CHF deposit




Your investments grow by 2'000 CHF




Your investments decline by 2'000 CHF




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