How do I invest monthly (or more often) with Selma?

You can invest more by adding money to your bank account at Selma. Once your deposit arrives, Selma checks your investment plan and invests your money for you. There are no extra fees for adding or taking money out.

How to add money?

Where to

For money transfers, use your Bank account number (IBAN). You can find it in your Selma app, in the “Bank account” view. Log in here to see your account number.

Where from

Just like with your first investment, you can transfer money to your Selma account from any other bank account that is in your name.

Note that the account you send money from needs to be in your name due to anti-money laundry (AML) regulations.

What happens then?

Whenever you add money to your account, Selma checks your plan and invests in your personal mix. This helps us to avoid buying expensive investment products.

Automating monthly investing?

An easy way to invest monthly is to place a standing order at your regular bank account – the one you send your money from.

Setting up a month-to-month payment usually looks like this (example from UBS):

Standing order example

Should I invest more?

All in all, regular investing is a good idea! 😊

  1. Regularly saving money helps with timing. Any kind of investing involves risks, since market prices tend to go up and down in an unpredictable way. Investing regularly helps you to build your investments over time and to better balance the ups and downs in the markets.
  2. The earlier you start, the more compound “interest on interest” you may get in the long run.
  3. Bigger saving goals are usually easier to reach by putting smaller sums aside bit by bit, over the years.

Are there extra fees?

No, there are no extra costs for adding or taking money out. The monthly Selma fee covers all transaction costs. 👍

How much to invest?

Most of Selma clients who invest regularly, add between 200 and 2’000 CHF per month. We suggest starting with at least 100 CHF / month, as it doesn't usually make sense to buy investments in very little portions.

All in all, your monthly or occasional investment sum depends on your situation. Selma helps you figure out how much money you should save before investing. 🤓

When thinking about a sum you might want to invest, one quick and easy aid is a 50/30/20 -rule. The rule suggests to use no more than half of your salary on things that you need – housing, bills, food. A bit less than one third is for the things that you may want, like entertainment and traveling.

The remaining 20 % is for your personal finances. From this sum, you may want to pay off debt and save in a pension fund. It's also a good idea to keep some money in cash on a bank account, for emergencies. The same goes for any bigger spendings that you have already decided upon. Once you got all of these covered, consider investing the rest. ☺️

To figure out what really works for you, chat with Selma!

Already got an account? Log in and check your investment profile.

A specific question in mind? Ping the Selma crew in chat.

How to stop saving?

You can pause or end monthly investing any time simply by not transferring any more money.

Did your financial situation change considerably? Update Selma via your investor profile or ping the Selma crew in our chat.

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