What happens once I transfer money to my new Selma account?

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Awesome, it’s getting serious. You have filled the account opening forms, completed the online verification and received the IBAN of your brand-new Selma account.

Now it’s coming to transfer the initial investment amount and I guess you would like to know what’s happening once you do.

1. Market & products check

Selma springs into action and automatically has a look at the financial markets and your investment mix to decide when and how to get started with investing.

2. Step-by-step investing

Depending on how much money you invest initially, Selma will probably split your investments in smaller sums to make sure your purchase prices are not dependent on market conditions of only one day. Read more about step-by-step investing here.

3. Real-time notifications

Communication is key! Not only in offline relationships, but also with your digital investment assistant! That’s why Selma is going to let you know about purchases, sales, dividend payouts and more via notifications and sometimes via emails.

4. Managing your money

“Managing your money” is Selma’s daily business. She will constantly have a look at financial markets, buy more or sell something if markets change. She also keeps a look for better financial products that save you costs and will sometimes follow up with you to make sure you let her know if bigger things in your life have changed.

5. Savings plan & deposits

Once you got the hang of Selma, you might consider setting up a monthly or quarterly savings plan! Whenever you transfer more money, Selma automatically checks your investment mix and investor profile to make sure everything still fits with your financial life.

You can simply set up a monthly plan via standing order, or in case you’d like some consultancy in setting this up - request your own individual checkup within the Selma app.

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