Which date does Selma show for transactions?

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Are you trying to understand what date Selma shows in the transactions list for your buys and sells?

The date that Selma shows for buys and sales is the date when the actual movement of money on your account takes place.

The ETFs (investment products) that Selma buys and sells for you are traded on different stock exchanges. It is important to remember that there are always 2 different dates involved.

The trade date

The day when the transaction takes place at the stock exchange. This is when Selma buys or sells.

The settlement date

The day when the transaction is booked on your investment account (your purchases are paid - or you receive money for your sales). This is what Selma shows in the transaction list.

For most stock exchanges, there are 2 banking days between trade date and settlement date, because some processes simply take up time.

Trade date     →     2 banking days       →     settlement date

Why does Selma use the settlement day?

Selma is showing the settlement day on your transaction list as this is the day when money flows in or out of your investment account. This is why it sometimes looks like Selma can “see into the future”. 😊

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