What's Selma?

Selma is a new kind of we’ll-do-it-for-you online investment service. Behind the scenes, working for you is the Selma investment crew including a witty investment bot.

Selma combines

  1. Online wealth management
    Based on your financial life, Selma creates and updates your unique investment mix
  2. Online asset management
    Selma trades (or in other words, rebalances) your investment mix for you, for years to come
  3. Pure niceness
    Clear, fun, honest way talk about investment ...and getting it done. ❤️  

What Selma is not

  • Not an online bank 
    However, you will have your own secure investment account via a partner bank.
  • Not an advisor that will meet with you personally
    However, you can get support from the investment crew through online chat or email.

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