How Selma works: From signup to investing

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Selma helps you invest your money in a way that fits your financial life, goals and risk level, while keeping your costs of investing as low as possible. This is how investing with Selma works in 6 easy steps
  1. Tell Selma about your life and your money

    Selma, our witty artificial investment assistant, starts by asking you a bunch of questions about your life, how much money you have on the side, existing investments, and your plans for the future.

    This way she learns to understand what you want to achieve and can put the algorithm in the back to work. 
  2. Get your individual investment plan

    Everybody needs a specific investment strategy. Investing money can’t only be fixated on the market, it also needs to match your life. Different kinds of investment products come with different risk levels - and therefore different probabilities to make money.

    As Selma now understands your affinity to risk, your constraints due to existing investments and future plans, she can put together the best possible mix of investments for you.
  3. Play around with your investment mix for free

    Until now there is no real money in play. You will have a mix of investment products that fit your chosen amount of (virtual) money and you can take it all in. Selma shows you how this mix of investments would have done in the last years and gives examples of how you would have done during a real financial crisis or happenings in the past. Do you have questions about your investment mix? Contact us via live chat.
  4. All set? Time to open your account

    Once you are ready to invest, you will open an extra investment account with Selma. This means you will open the account with Saxo Bank (Switzerland) who acts as our custodian bank and makes sure the money is kept safe by an established institution. This will also require you to go through the account opening process with them.
  5. Transfer the money

    As soon as you get your new investment account’s IBAN, you can transfer the amount you want to invest. By transferring the money you give a “go” for Selma to start. Before Selma starts investing your money for you though, we will go through your investments and see if your mix needs any tweaking – to make sure it fully matches your life and risk level.

    Transactions are always free of charge - you can add money monthly to your account or simply withdraw and add bigger amounts whenever something changes in your life.
  6. Selma trades and manages your investments

    This is now where Selma really shines. Selma constantly analyses, buys and sells your investments and makes sure you are not taking too much risk. Just keep Selma in the loop in case you start a new job, buy a house, start a family or experience another bigger life event. If we detect bigger sums moving on your Selma account, we will even proactively try to figure out what changed in your life and if your risk levels should now change in order to invest in the most profitable way.

    With Selma your personal investments will always fit with your life.
Once you invest, your investment mix remains suitable for your life.  All you need to to do is keep Selma up-to-date about changes in your life. As easy as that.  

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