How is my money kept secure?

Updated by Marco Barmettler

The bank account and all the money and investments we manage for you at Selma are all held in your name at the respective bank.

Where are my investments kept?

Your investments and cash from your investment account are with Saxo Bank (Schweiz) AG and the investments and cash from your 3a account are with VZ Depotbank AG.

Are my investments safe?

As Swiss banks, Saxo Bank and VZ Depotbank are regulated like all banks in Switzerland. Cash is subject to Swiss depositor protection up to CHF 100’000 and the ETF’s (Exchange Traded Funds) in which Selma invests for you, are special assets and would be released to you in the event of bankruptcy of the bank or the fund administrator/fund management company.

The bank accounts as well as the titles are held in your name. Should anything happen to Selma or one of our partner banks (Saxo Bank or VZ Depotbank), the titles will be issued to you.

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