Can I have multiple 3a accounts?

Updated by Laurène

In general, there is no limit on the number of pillar 3a accounts you can open. However, currently you can only open one pillar 3a account with Selma.

However, it is recommended to open a maximum of 4 accounts.

The maximum of 4 is recommended, because you can start taking out your pension money 5 years before you retire. It’s smart to pay out only one pillar per year – because of taxes.

The way it works is that you have to pay taxes on the amount of your pillar 3a money that you withdraw . This varies from canton to canton, but it generally gets higher the more money you pay out. As these taxes apply per year, a split over 4 years makes sense.

One year is reserved for your pillar 2 payout. And if you split the withdrawal of your 3a accounts over the other 4 years, the money will definitely be taxed with a lower percentage. 🙌

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