Account opening documents

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During the process of opening your Selma account online, you will get two documents to preview and sign:

  • Selma Asset management agreement
  • Saxo Bank account opening form

Selma: Asset Management Agreement

This is the contract between you and Selma, which lets Selma make investments for you.

To sum up, the document outlines:

  • Selma's responsibilities as your asset manager
  • How Selma manages your investments on your behalf
  • The role of Saxo Bank (Switzerland) as our partner bank
  • Selma's fee

The agreement is valid as long as you stay with Selma. You can close your account at any point. If you close your account, we will charge the Selma fee until the closing date (in latin: pro rata temporis 🤓).

Saxo Bank: Account opening form

This form is for opening a bank account for you at our partner bank, Saxo Bank (Switzerland).
  • This is the bank account where you will transfer your money to
  • Selma will open the bank account for you
  • Selma will buy your investments for you from this account

The bank account is in your name. You will remain in full control of this account at all times. Apart from the Selma fee, Selma will never withdraw money or securities from this account.

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