How to close my investment account?

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To close your investment account, you must first sell your investments so that your investment account is empty. Then contact us in the chat, tell us that you would like to close your investment account and we will take the necessary steps. 

Here's how to close your investment account with Selma:

  • Sell all your investments and withdraw the money.
  • Contact us in the chat and tell us the reason why you want to close your investment account.
  • We will close your investment account at our partner bank, Saxo. It can take up to 2 weeks before your account is closed. You will not receive a confirmation of the account closure from Selma.

It is not possible to reopen the investment account after it has been closed – once closed, it is closed forever. Therefore, if you simply want to withdraw money, but you might want to invest money with Selma again in the near future, we recommend that you leave the investment account open. An empty account will not cost you any fees. To start again, all you have to do is deposit money. 🙂  If you leave it empty for a longer period of time, we just may need to check in with you sometimes for regulatory purposes.

If your investment account has been closed and you want to start investing with Selma again, you have to register newly at Selma using a different email address and go through the account opening process including identification.

Learn how to close your Selma user account or 3a account.

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