How to withdraw money from your investment account?

Updated 2 years ago by Kevin Linser

You can withdraw money or close your account at any point in time. Note that selling your investments and transferring the money to your account at another bank can take up to one week.

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To sell your investments and to withdraw money (parts or the entire amount) please follow the steps:
  1. Contact us in chat or reach out to us via email to Let us know the amount that you would like to withdraw.
  2. Our team will process the sale of your investments and prepare your funds for you. In case you withdraw pars of your investments, your investments will be sold proportionaly to make sure that your investment remain ideally spread across the globe.
  3. You will get an email to confirm your withdrawal and to initiate the transfer to your reference account.
  4. Check & update your investor profile, to make sure that your investment plan remains up to date.
Withdrawing money from your investment account or closing your account is included in your monthly fee and doesn't cause any additional costs. 

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