How to withdraw money from my investment account?

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You can withdraw money from your investment account at any time. A withdrawal usually takes 3-5 banking days.

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To sell all or a part of your investments, please follow these steps: 
  1. Log in to your Selma account on the Selma website and go to “Bank accounts”.
  2. Click on “Withdraw”. 
  3. Choose the desired payout amount in Swiss francs (CHF). If you want to sell all of your investments, then click on “Max”.
  4. Select your payment account (reference account). Your payout will be transferred to this bank account. If no reference account is registered yet, please go to the article “How to add new reference account”.
  5. Share your feedback with us about the reason for your withdrawal.
  6. Check your entries and confirm the withdrawal.

Selma will then sell your investments according to your withdrawal request. Your investments will be sold shortly to the applicable market prices. These may differ from the last value displayed on your planet in case markets have moved in the meantime. Please keep in mind, sales can only be executed during market opening hours.

Withdrawing money does not cause any additional fee from Selma. 

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