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As a Selma client, you receive a tax report once a year. You will get notified by email, once it is available in your Selma web app. The tax report shows details about your investments and makes it easier for you to fill in your yearly Swiss tax statement. We have to wait for the fund tax rates for the tax report, this is usually available for download at the beginning of March. This is only for the regular investment account.
The 3a tax confirmation will be available for download at the beginning of February under bank accounts/documents.

Is it free?

Yes. The tax report is included in the Selma fee and does not cause you any additional costs.

How does it look?

Here's an example of how your tax report would look:

When will it be ready?

Once the various ETFs (Funds) that you are invested in will report the annual return data to the authorities (ESTV), Selma can generate your tax report.

This typically happens by the beginning of March which leaves you plenty of room to report your taxes on time.

How can I get it?

You will get an email as soon as it is ready. You can then simply download the report in your Selma web app, under the "Documents" tab on your "Bank accounts" page or in the mobile app unter "more" - "documents".

Screenshot of Selma Bank account -view

How to fill out the tax declaration

This is how you add your Selma tax report info to your tax declaration form. You need to declare your Selma tax report in the form "Wertschriften- und Guthabenverzeichnis" of your tax declaration. There you have to select an account type/statement category, these are called slightly differently in each canton. For the Selma tax report, please select one of the following options, or something similar:

- Tax statement

- Depot statement

- Tax-assessed depot statement

- Tax register

As an example, let's look at the 2019 version of Selma's tax report. The most important information first: You do not need to transfer all the data provided Selma's tax report to your "Wertschriften- und Guthabenverzeichnis", you only need to transfer one row, the one on the top. 👍

In the screenshot below, you see the exact part of your declaration in which you add the information of your Selma report in your tax declaration. It's in the form called "Wertschriften- und Guthabenverzeichnis".

This is how the entire form looks like after you have added the data from Selma's tax report:

Don't forget to deduct the cost for your wealth management:

No matter who is taking charge of managing your wealth (the bank, Selma, etc.), you can deduct the costs from the tax. In some cantons there is a flat sum of around 0,2 - 0,4 promille, in others you have to effectively calculated the costs.

As mentioned, Selma as your wealth manager (or investment assistant) also falls into this category. Read here more about it.

Can I get a tax report for another country?

If you need a tax report for another country please let us know, so we can check if it is available.

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